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Model XHR-80-72-RT-BP-CW-HW shown

About Us

XeteX is a specialty manufacturer of energy recovery and heat transfer systems. Our area of expertise is applying cost-effective air-to-air energy recovery technologies to a wide variety of applications:

  • HVAC Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Improvement in Institutional, Commercial, and Industrial/Manufacturing Facilities—Providing Economical Outdoor Air Ventilation
  • HVAC Moisture Control in Wet/Moist Environments Such as Pool and Recreation Facilities—Providing Economical Moisture and Temperature Control for Pleasant, High Indoor Air Quality that Protects Your Facility Investment and a Comfortable Environment for Guests
  • Industrial Equipment Cooling—Providing Cooling for Temperature Sensitive Equipment, Replacing or Complimenting Mechanical Cooling
  • Industrial Process Cooling and Drying—Providing Cooling and Drying for Temperature and Moisture Sensitive Processes, Replacing or Complimenting Mechanical Cooling
  • Industrial and Mechanical Waste Heat Recovery—Providing an Economical Source of Heat from Other Processes that Generate Waste Energy or Waste Heat

Our application expertise and knowledge ensure that the best-suited design and cost-effective solution is provided for your application. Our standard system designs are a starting point for developing highly effective and flexible customized layouts, options, and capacities to meet virtually any requirement you may have.

  • Complexity—From simple inline exchanger modules to complete units with many options, we have experience that you can count on.
  • Capacity—Our designs range from smaller, custom residential-scale units that provide 80 cfm up to large systems capable of handling 80,000 cfm.
  • Flexibility and Options—Our knowledge and skill provide our customers with many exchanger options: footprint size, indoor or outdoor mounting, countless ducting configurations, filtration, make-up heating and cooling options, single point power interface and delivery, air source volume control, operational controls, and many others.

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