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Energy Recovery School Addition

This unit provides total energy recovery and outdoor air ventilation for a school. The heat wheel unit transfers both heat and humidity, keeping the indoor space dry in the summer and maintaining a comfortable moisture level in the winter. With its integral ... More

Protecting Investment

Water parks and swimming pools are major facility investments in the hospitality and entertainment industry. Protecting this investment and ensuring the guests are comfortable are goals of the natatorium air handling (or management) systems. Using outdoor ... More

Casino Floor Air Quality

For casinos, maintaining guest comfort can be a challenge, especially when the indoor air is filled with smoke. Keeping this air clean means using large volumes of outdoor air, typically around 20 or more air changes per hour. Cooling and dehumidifying this ... More

School Ventilation

This unit uses a double-pass flat plate heat exchanger for super-efficient energy recovery, achieving an effectiveness of 76%. The hot water coil provides the necessary make-up heating during the coldest winter periods providing fresh air conditioned outdoor ... More

Fresh Air Ventilation

Not every job requires an enormous amount of equipment. This unit and two others like it were used to ventilate a high school addition in eastern Pennsylvania. The low-profile, horizontal configuration works well for roof-top applications, reducing ... More

Energy Recovery to an Existing System

Although all XeteX units can be supplied with heaters, coils, blowers, advanced controls, and many other options, some systems require energy recovery and nothing else. Such units consist of a flat plate heat exchanger and a simple control system. They can ... More

Total Energy Recovery for Small Jobs

XeteX total energy recovery units use heavy-duty, 10” thick heat wheels to achieve very highly effective recovery of both heat and moisture. But these big heat wheels are not limited to just big jobs. This total energy recovery unit was built for a ... More

Energy Recovery Up to 30,000 cfm

XeteX total energy recovery units are available up to 30,000 cfm with a non-sectioned heat wheel. This unit uses two backward inclined airfoil plenum blowers in each airstream to supply 29,150 cfm of air to a school. A hot water preheat coil is used in the ... More

Custom Configuration University Laboratory

This custom XVC unit was built so that the customer, a university laboratory complex, could provide their own exhaust air blower section. Unlike most XVC units, which have exhaust air inlets on the bottom and exhaust air outlet sections on top, exhaust air ... More

Geothermal Heat Pumps

This unit and another like it are dedicated outdoor air energy recovery ventilation units, providing all of the air handling and conditioning needs of the 105,000 square foot Maple Grove, MN Government Center. Heating and cooling are provided by an array of ... More

Outdoor Air Ventilation

This unit is one of eight designed to provide 20 to 30 air changes per hour of ventilation air for a casino. To facilitate rooftop installation, it was constructed in two sections. With an on-board packaged DX system and indirect gas-fired heater, the unit ... More

Small Units Distributed Air Conditioning

Some applications take a distributed approach to air conditioning—instead of one large central unit, they call for multiple small units. The Heat-X-Changer® featured here is one of fourteen 100% outdoor make-up air, dehumidification, roof-top units ... More


Like the model DXH, this DXH–XD unit efficiently conditions and dehumidifies supply air— but it recovers even more energy from a forced exhaust airstream, cutting building operating costs even further. The unit shown here is one of six 100% ... More

Total Air Conditioning in One Package

This unit, built for an Elementary School in Michigan, is the ultimate in year-round efficiency. Under summer conditions, it uses a highly efficient AIRotor® hygroscopic heat wheel to recover energy from the exhaust airstream and pre-cool and dehumidify ... More

Large Capacity, Low Profile

This is the largest IAQ built to date. It was designed specifically for the needs and constraints of a State DOT facility. In addition to being a large capacity IAQ with cost-cutting energy recovery, this unit also features a steam heating coil, chilled ... More

Flexibility in Pool Unit Design

This unit provides total air conditioning with energy recovery for a large health center and swimming pool facility. The entire interior, including drain pans and blowers, was coated with Heresite to protect it from the corrosive pool environment. The ... More

Pool Ventilation

This unit was designed to provide fresh air ventilation for a modest-sized pool in Wisconsin. It was built for indoor installation and has a DX coil with controls by others. XeteX, however, provided straightforward analog controls for the blowers and the ... More

Complete Packaged Refrigeration

This was one of several units built by XeteX for a school in Connecticut. It incorporates energy recovery, heating, and refrigeration all in one package. The entire refrigeration circuit including the air cooled condensing section is contained within the ... More

High Volume Energy Recovery Hospital

This XC Unit was one of four built in Sept 2005 for a Critical Care Hospital in Ontario. It provides 25,277 supply and return air cfm and features a large Model XLT™ 80–84 flat plate aluminum air-to-air heat exchanger, cabinet, face-and-bypass ... More

Efficient Heating in the Arctic

This is one of four similar units built for a Military Facility in Alaska. It provides supply and return ventilation with energy recovery and make-up heat. The cold climate at this high latitude requires a large amount of heating throughout the year. ... More

Custom Designed for Indoor Spaces

This unit and four others where built for an Independent Living Facility in Vermont. It was designed for indoor installation with certain space restraints. The horizontal supply airflow and vertical exhaust airflow allow the heat exchanger to lay flat inside ... More

Healthcare Facility

This is one of two similar units installed in a Medical Building in MN. The two straightforward units were designed to provide economical ventilation and DX cooling. Because the exhaust air volume is greater than the supply air volume, the heat exchanger ... More

Clubhouse Air

This unit was built for a golf pro shop and country club. The very humid summer air is precooled by the exchanger, practically down to saturation. A DX coil is then used to further cool and dehumidify the air, which is then passed through the other side of ... More

School Ventilation

This unit and two similar ones were built to control humidity in a locker room, restroom, and janitorial room for a school in Maine. The compact design allowed them to all be easily fit into very small mechanical rooms. The prepackaged controls and ... More

Modular Construction

This unit was built to meet several unique job requirements. First, the customer wanted to use heat pumps to provide winter heating and summer cooling and reheat. XeteX was able to provide all the necessary components—including DX and Hot Gas Reheat ... More

Packaged DX for School

This unit was built with a complete, on-board, packaged 410A refrigeration circuit including compressors, condensing section, DX coil, and Hot Gas Reheat. For winter heating, it also has an indirect gas-fired furnace. The components, plumbing, wiring, and ... More

Add Energy Recovery to Any HVAC System

This simple unit was built for an elementary school in Virginia. Consisting of just a flat plate heat exchanger, face–&–bypass damper and actuator, cabinet, and simple analog damper controls, it complements the primary heating and cooling ... More

Total Recovery for Every Application

No job is too big or too small for total energy recovery. This unit was built for a gymnasium in Quebec. Although only sized for 1,367 cfm, the Series–R heat wheel can still save the customer a significant amount of energy. At winter design conditions, ... More

Casino Floor Air Quality2

For casinos, maintaining guest comfort can be a challenge, especially when the indoor air is filled with smoke. Keeping this air clean means using large volumes of outdoor air, typically around 20 or more air changes per hour. Cooling and dehumidifying this ... More

Explosion Proof for a Water Treatment Plant

Waste Water Treatment Plants have special construction requirements. Standard materials and components are inappropriate for the corrosive and volatile environments found in these applications. XeteX has experience in this specialized area, and built this ... More

Industrial Processes Applications

The benefits of energy recovery are not limited to air conditioning applications. Industrial processes often use air as a heat transfer fluid to heat or cool manufactured components, materials, or equipment. Energy recovery can be used to cut the costs of ... More

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