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Fresh Air Ventilation for the New Education Wing

Not every job requires an enormous amount of equipment. This unit and two others like it were used to ventilate a high school addition in eastern Pennsylvania. The low-profile, horizontal configuration works well for roof-top applications, reducing un-slightly equipment profiles while providing clean and easy duct connections through the bottom of the unit. The hot water coil, also plumbed through the curb, provides additional make-up heat during the coldest winter periods. The Heat-X-Changer makes outdoor air ventilation possible without breaking the school's facilities and operating budget.

Performance Specification

  • Model: IAQ–4000–RT–BP–HW
  • Supply cfm: 3,000
  • Exhaust cfm: 3,000
  • Built: February 2007
  • Weight: 3,000 lbs
  • Energy Recovered: 139 MBH (Winter) 41 MBH (Summer)
  • Design Conditions: 4 °F / 45% RH (Winter) 95 °F / 40% RH (Summer)

Unit Features

  • XLT-40-24 Aluminum, Flat Plate Heat Exchanger 280 MBH Hot Water Coil
  • 12" Heavy Duty, Forward Curved, DWDI Blowers driven by Premium Efficiency Motors (3hp supply /2hp exhaust) mounted on RIS Isolators
  • 4” 30/30 Outside Air and Return Air Filters
  • Outside and Exhaust Air Shut-Off, Face and Bypass, and Recirculation Dampers
  • Heavy Duty Double Wall with Enamel Painted Galvanized Steel Exterior (16 ga) and Galvanized Steel Interior (22 ga); 2" Thick Fiberglass Insulated; All Welded Structural Steel Base Frame with Integral Lifting Lugs
  • Galvanized Steel Drain Pan
  • Frost Control and Warm Weather Economizer
  • Configured for Outdoor, Rooftop installation with 18" of Curb, Sloped Cabinet Roof with Capped Seams, and Intake and Exhaust Hoods
  • Complete with Motor Starters and Breakers; Disconnect; and Single Point Power Connection

The XeteX unit featured on this page was built for an actual application. It is provided here to show our capability.

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