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Model DXH

Custom, packaged, roof mounted or indoor mounted unit with cooling (DX or Chilled Water) and an air-to-air aluminum flat plate exchanger designed to provide pre-cooling and reheat. The DXH is suitable for commercial and industrial cooling
and dehumidification applications.

  • The DXH is a 100% outdoor air dehumidifying and cooling make-up air unit, providing passive reheat with an exchanger. Outside air passes through the exchanger for pre-cooling, then through a coil for cooling below the saturation point, then back through the exchanger for reheat. This is a single blower unit with single side access.
  • The DXH-XD operates on the same principle as the DXH, but also recovers energy from the additional return airstream. This is a two blower unit with double side access. The return airstream passes through one-half of the flatplate exchanger in a conventional configuration and pre-heats or pre-cools(depending on the season) incoming outside air.
  • The DXH-AR applies the XD configuration with the addition of a total energy recovery wheel to transfer both latent and sensible heat between the return air and the outside air for greater pre-heating and pre-cooling

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