Aventus – High Efficiency Ventilation Equipment Solutions

Aventus is a high quality, semi-custom solution designed specifically to meet current and future needs for the indoor built environment. DOAS (Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems) and ERV’s (Energy Recovery Ventilators) breathe life into buildings and make it healthy and comfortable for everyone.

These are also are a source of significant operating expense. One of the most efficient ways to control a building effectively while meeting energy codes (ASHRAE 90.1) and indoor air quality (ASHRAE 62.1) requirements is through decoupling the sensible loads from the latent loads and optimize each.

Aventus DOAS and ERV’s are optimized to be extremely efficient at handling the latent loads. Featuring industry leadings ISMRE’s (Integrated Seasonal Moisture Removal Efficiency) and RER’s (Recovery Efficiency Ratio), Aventus enables engineers, contractors and owners the best solution for energy efficiency and IAQ.

ERV – Standard ERV’s with a twist

Traditional ERV’s are limited to an energy recovery device, fans, and filters. Aventus ERV does this very well but also features a configurable cabinet that can include space for up to two additional conditioning components. The twist here is that now this can used as a split system DOAS. This could include chilled water coils, hot water coils, steam coils, dx coils, reheat coils, or integrated VRF solutions. It is a great compliment to any job and manufacturer pairing.

DOAS – Complete packaged solution

Utilizing industry best practices and state of the art technologies, Aventus DOAS is a complete packaged solution for heating and cooling 100% of buildings outdoor air needs.

Advanced Technology Features and Benefits

Energy Recovery Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers

• Highest energy recovery effectiveness available on the market
     o Enthalpy Flat Plates from CORE®
     o Enthalpy Wheels (3A molecular sieve) from AIRotor®
     o Sensible Flat Plates from XeteX®

Variable Speed Inverter Scroll Compressor

• Exceptional energy efficiency and low sound levels.
• VFD enables outstanding modulating comfort control

Direct-drive Variable Speed ECM Plenum Fans

• More energy efficient than AC motor
• Eliminate belts and VFD’s with EC motors

Low Sound / High Efficiency ECM Condenser Fans

• Bionic blade profile reduces sound up to 8X over standard condenser fans
• EC motor enables up to 25% increased efficiency.
• Modulating head pressure control

Hot Gas Reheat Coil with Modulating 3-Way Valve

• Enhanced dehumidification capabilities.
• Bypasses hot gas from the compressor to the reheat coil.
• Increased efficiency as it eliminates the need for a separate heat source to reheat the air after dehumidification.

Casing Construction

• 2” dual-wall casing with low leakage.
• Easy service and maintenance access with doors and removable panels

DDC Controls

• Full sequence of operation controls
• Controls by others options with factory wired terminal strip
• DDC CAREL controller with optional communications protocols