Standard Start-Up Guidelines


This document covers Start-Up Services offered for XeteX equipment.  Start-Up Service consists of a factory certified technician going to the jobsite, inspecting the unit for proper installation at the site, verifying the proper functioning of the equipment and validating its performance.

Once the unit start-up is complete the technician will complete the start-up report logging the operational data of the system and any notes.

NOTE: Only qualified and trained HVAC technicians can perform the start-up operations.  XeteX Inc. is not responsible for any damage or repair if the start-up is performed by non-factory certified personnel.  

NOTE: A completed start-up report must be returned to XeteX before warranty coverage begins.

Pre Start-Up Preparation

Before the start-up process can begin the unit must be properly installed by the installation contractor.  All the electrical, gas, plumbing, ducts etc. must be installed before the XeteX technician arrives at the site.  

NOTE: If the Start-Up technician arrives on site and the unit installation is not finalized, the technician will leave the site and the customer will be charged additional travel expenses to return to complete the start up.

Refer to Appendix A for a detailed checklist of what must be complete before the start-up.  This form must be filled out and sent to XeteX two (2) weeks prior to the desired start-up date.

Start-up Request Steps (completed by customer)

To schedule start-up on a job,  follow these steps:

  1. Request for Start-Up Services
    • Send an e-mail to XeteX to formally requesting start-up with a minimum of two weeks notice.
  2. Customer Checklist before Start-Up is completed (Appendix A)
    • Send an e-mail to XeteX (with the checklist attached) a minimum of 3 days before Start-Up is scheduled to occur.
    • Validate that the equipment is ready for Start-Up to occur.
      • Any rigging or shipping damage must be resolved
      • Unit must be installed correctly per the IOM with proper access.
      • All field power and control wiring is complete.
      • All utilities are connected and complete.
      • For water source heat pumps a water quality report
      • If controlled by others the Control Contractor is on site for the start-up

The following form can be completed to submit your application.